Assessment Period: January 2023 – January 2024

Entry Closes On 20 May 2024

(The entrant can participate in more than one award category if qualifies as per eligibility criteria and meets the definition of concerned award category)

Who Can Nominate:
Food Service Chains, QSR,Cafes & Juice Bars, Ice-cream & Dessert Parlors, Fine Dining, Casual Dining, Pubs & Bars, Kiosk/ Express Format, Food Court, Cloud (Dark) Kitchen, Travel Retail, Entertainment, Aggregator, any other Speciality Food Service Operator

Across Channels:
Brick and Mortar, e-retail, Multi/ Omni Channel Retail.

A unique idea, strategy or innovation enhancing or differentiating the product / service mix, in-store presentation, pricing, supply chain etc., by a food & grocery retailer

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Recognizing excellence in the food and grocery retail sector, the IMAGES Most Admired Food & Grocery Retailer of the Year award celebrates innovation, customer service, and market leadership.

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A store launch in 2023, having drawn significant consumer, industry and media attention. Nominations may be filed in multiple categories by Food & Grocery Brands and retailers in the following categories:
  • Debut Store
  • New Store
  • Flagship Store
  • Concept Store

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2023 success stories of collaboration between Food & Grocery brands and retailers in building new consumption/ product categories or transforming a traditional category with innovation, details of execution and results in terms of creating differentiation, customer or multi stakeholder engagement, increased sales/ consumption with positive feedback/ coverage/ and recognition.

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Recognizing excellence in the retailing world, the IMAGES Most Admired Forecourt Grocery of the Year award celebrates exceptional service in the realm of convenient and quality forecourt grocery experiences

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Celebrating excellence in convenience retailing, the IMAGES Most Admired Convenience Store of the Year award honors innovation, service, and community engagement, setting the standard for outstanding convenience store experiences nationwide.

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Highlighting outstanding performance and industry leadership, the IMAGES Most Admired Supermarket Chain of the Year award honors excellence in operations, market growth, and community engagement within the grocery sector.

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Recognizing excellence in the culinary world, the IMAGES Most Admired Gourmet Food Retailer of the Year celebrates innovation, quality, and passion in delivering exceptional gastronomic experiences to discerning palates worldwide.

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A food & grocery retailer illustrating achievements in effective marketing campaigns, conducted jointly with brand or individually, leading to store footfall and sales increases:
  • Discount Sales Campaign
  • Celebrity Endorsement
  • Festival Campaign
  • Mass Media Campaign (either print / radio/ TV or any other mass media)
  • Multi-Media Campaign
  • Social Cause Campaign
  • Digital Campaign
  • Launch Campaign

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Recognizing exemplary Employee Practices in the Food and Grocery Sector, this category celebrates companies fostering exceptional workplace environments and employee well-being.

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"Success stories of Effective Tech Implementations – with details of execution strategy, implementation stages and payoffs/ results - in areas like: In-store Technology Adoption Ease of Shopping Loyalty Program implementation Digital Supply Chain Transformation Nominations may be filed in multiple categories by Food & Grocery brands and retailers."

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Food and grocery retailers who addressed key issues on sustainability, conservation and environment with impactful initiatives and measurable results

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Celebrating excellence in revolutionizing the online grocery shopping experience with innovation, convenience, and customer satisfaction.

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A food & grocery retailer who have effectively implemented and leveraged strategies to create a better Customer Experience and loyalty during calendar year 2023.

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